Parking Rules

Visitors to the strata shall be permitted to park in the spaces marked as visitor parking. A visiting vehicle may reside in the visitor parking for a 48 hour period in any 7 day period. If a visitor needs to stay longer than 48 hours, residents shall e-mail the strata council via the strata manager to provide notification of the extended stay as well as the expected end date aid the vehicle license plate. Owners expecting guests that will require visitor parking longer than 48 hours should request an Extended Visitor Parking Pass.

Council M/S/C the visitor parking enforcement process:

First offence – warning note; Second offence – warning note; Third offence – letter and $50 fine; Fourth offence – Tow. A towing agreement will be set up with A-Active Towing and signage will be posted in the complex.

Please be aware that any vehicle parked in the fire lane for any amount of time results in immediate towing.